Book Expert

The smart way to optimize your workflow: Book Expert


Every book2net book scanner is equipped with the unique Book Expert software. The integrated image enhancement of this outstanding scan application will enable you to achieve a perfect image quality.

Book Expert offers an abundance of image enhancement functions for automatic batch post processing which enables you to cover your daily requirements and optimize your workflow. The single image enhancement steps can be easily implemented into a customized workflow. Up to 10 complete workflow profiles can be stored on short-cut buttons for future use.

The comfortable graphical user interface can be customized to meet your demand which makes your day-to-day work much more efficient and convenient.

For maximum flexiblity Book Expert supports a wide range of single and multi-page file formats including JFIF JPG, JPG2000 (ISO 1, ISO 2), TIFF , PDF (Deflate, JPEG) and Bitmap.

In addition to the unique batch processing features Book Expert offers a wide range of superior image enhancement functions for manual editing to enable the special treatment of critical files.


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