Easy Scan

Easy Scan Software


The book2net book scanner comes with a pre-installed software. All options you may need for scanning are on the touch screen. Everything is in view. There is no software to learn. The menu navigation is intuitive. The only thing you need to do is to touch the right symbol on the display. It’s perfect made for public use. Even unskilled people can easily use the book2net scaanner and it’s much easier than current copiers.

Touch to USB is a function than enables the possibility to save the scanned files on a USB-Memory Flash Drive. There is no need to copy files. Save them on USB and read them on every Computer, iPad or iPhone. 
Touch to E-Mail will send your scanned files directly to your own E-Mail address and if you want also to your friends and colleagues. 
Touch to Net is a function which will automatically save the files on a selected folder in the Network. You can use the files on your PC or make the scanned files accessible to all your colleagues. 
Touch to Printer allows you to print the files on your standard printer which is connected to the scanner.  

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