Book Expert Professional

Book Expert Professional: the intelligent workflow solution


Book Expert Professional is especially designed for professional editing of images in combination with large scan volumes. With Book Expert Professional you can logically combine single editing tools to produce a customized workflow. By using the integrated batch- and spoolfunction an automatic and high-speed processing of archives and job-files is thus possible. Even multistage and complex editing steps or highly demanding jobs can easily be performed by the operator himself thanks to the drag- and drop-technique. In addition to image enhancement  and file size reduction, Book Expert Professional consequently ensures the economic setup of a scan-respective long-term archive on a professional level

  • Easy creation of customized image enhancement workflows
  • Transfer of complex editing processes to an automatic finishing processesFully automatically batch processes
  • Reduction of file sizes
  • Intelligent working modules
  • Significant savings of time and human resources in the editing processes
  • Outstanding user-friendliness through drag-and-drop technique
  • Unique: polling and program switching
  • Ultra-high processing speed

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